Having an intelligent home automation system – casas inteligentes domotica from Sereola enhances the management of the living area around you. This kind of a system articulates well with the changing world of advancing technology. The smart home concept can do multiple tasks in your presence or absence. Such automation system is not also limited to home security systems – sistemas de seguridad para hogar that improves the security situation inside and around your home area.

The operation of an intelligent home automation system

A home-based router is specially installed at a place of your choice. Communicating devices and sensors are then connected to the router. The home router has an action plan that is triggered to send notifications which are received by your mobile phone when there is an activity occurrence at home. Apps are installed on your smartphone to control the smart home security systems and devices.

In the event that you are not inside your house, a modem passes controls as well as notifications to your wireless device. This allows you to set up configuration scheme for your intelligent home automation system at any place that is not devoid of data signals.

Here are some examples of home security systems Smart door lock

This has the ability to push notifications or send e-mails. Your phone will remind you whether you locked up your door before leaving or not.

Front door surveillance camera

This one is activated by a smart sensor especially if there is a ring on the doorbell. It enables you to view a footage of the whole scenario using your smartphone.

Water leak sensor

If your basement is flooding, this sensor is specifically placed on the floor to detect any cause of imminent flooding. It then notifies you through your phone.

Smart thermostat

It provides for flexible adjustment through your mobile app. This applies if you forgot to switch off the AC and you are not in the house.

The Bottom line

Smart home automation systems have changed the way people perform their tasks at their homes. Looking into the above specifications, these intelligent systems have upgraded the lifestyles of the people concerned. Everything is automated and done smartly.


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