Gone are the days when curtain and locking system used to be only fancy and stylish to add a spark to the beauty of your dream house. Now, they have become enough smart to get integrated with the needs of the smart home automation system. Do you know how your house can transform into a smart home installing the smart curtains – control de persianas in Spanish) and door lock? Let’s know more about it.

What Changes Would You Have Installing Smart Door lock?

Increased Convenience 

How often your house keys get misplaced irrespective how careful you are. You are not alone as it happens with most of us. The smart door lock – puertas domotica in Spanish is the solution to all your confusions.

  • You just need to have your smart home equipped with smart application to control your locks.
  • You would not have need of a physical set of keys
  • You would be able to lock and unlock your door via sensors

Improved Security 

Smart locks are not opened in a traditional way as it used to be using the physical keys. To open the locks, it requires unique access codes. It makes easy to manage and track the record that who enter your home using which entrance. In short, it increases the security one level up.

  • You can have a two-way conversation with visitors without any issues using an intercom system.
  • You can visually verify the visitor sitting comfortably inside to make sure who is at your door.
  • You would get an alarm whenever visitors arrive.

Heightened Connectivity 

The best thing is that smart locks can easily get integrated with your security system in order to lift up the connectivity among all of your devices. Using smart lock door will help to make your home security completely done.

Video surveillance cameras to know who is standing at your door.

  • Smartphones to smartly control lock system of your home using your phone. Receiving alert to stay alert.
  • Get security alarms when anything unexpected happens so that you would be able to make yourself safe and secure. 

Smart Curtains – A Smart Choice For Smart Folks

Being a part of fast-paced life, it entails being smart enough in all aspects of life. Your house should not only look beautiful but smart as well. In this context, smart curtains cannot be ignored.

  • Saying would not wrong that these curtains make living so comfortable inside homes.
  • Automated curtains mean opening window would not be trouble to you. For handicapped individuals, it becomes so easier. Just with the use of remote or phone, it would easily get opened.
  • Pulling the heavy curtains gravely takes so much efforts and enough to frustrating anyone. The motorised curtain is the great solution to stay away from this hassle.

An automated smart home is not a fancy thing to have but it is a necessity of time. We all are running so busy and want the best comfortable at home. An automated home makes you peace bringing tranquility to the brain.


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