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Vape wires are a big part of the vaping experience once you get beyond basic e cigarettes and you start looking into mods or building your own set-up for a vape machine. DIY vaping doesn’t just mean mixing and matching e liquids for taste and aroma, it can also mean building a machine that does exactly what you want it to do. Having the right vape wires can go a long way towards getting exactly the experience you’re looking for from vaping. Knowing the different types of metals that can be used for vaping and which one is the best for you will go a long way towards helping you make the right decision. Getting the right vape wire and designing the right coils will make vaping more enjoyable and who knows you could put your designs on Youtube and become an internet celebrity.

The first thing you’ll want to look at is the width or gauge of the metal you’re using. The lower the gauge number the thicker the wire is. 32 wire is the thinnest gauge normally used while 22 is the thickest. If you’re really splitting hairs and looking for odd numbered gauges you should be able to find them on-line. When it comes to vape wire Australia has all the bases covered.

The thinner the gauge you use the faster your wire will heat up to be able to vaporize the liquid you’re using. Of course if you use a lot of metal in your wiring (Making longer looping coils or more elaborate constructs for heating the liquid) it will also take more time for the heating process to complete. You’ll want to figure out exactly what is a good period of ramp up time for your mod to use before you’re able to vape.

This is where the difference in the metals that can be used for vape wire come into play. The three most common metals are stainless steel, nichrome, and finally Kanthal. Of these stainless steel heats the fastest while nichrome is only slightly slower and Kanthal takes the longest. When you look for these types of vape wire Sydney will have all of them and in just about any gauge you’re looking for.

Kanthal is the easiest of the metals to work with and also contains no nickel so if you’re worried you might have an allergic reaction to nickel it’s definitely the best option for you. About the only problem Kanthal has is that it can’t be used with temperature controlled vaping. If that’s not a problem for you then this should be your metal of choice.Nichrome heats faster than Kanthal and is easy to mold into coils and will remain coiled for a long time. If you have no worries about nickel this is a great metal for you to try out.

Stainless steel has low nickel content and handles all forms of vaping. Some people say that nichrome and stainless steel builds end up having more flavor than builds with Kanthal. Whatever option you take you’ll find that when it comes to vape Australia has everything covered.


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